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APplication FAQs

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Who are the Sheffield Eco Motorsports Team?

Entering its fourth year, The Sheffield Eco Motorsports Team is a student founded and lead engineering team, consisting of 20 students from a range of engineering expertise and backgrounds. Our goal is to engineer the car of the future; a fully electric energy efficient vehicle that can travel vast distances using minimal power. Our team will compete against some of the best engineering teams around the world as part of the Shell Eco Marathon Challenge.  

What is the Shell Eco Marathon Competition? 

The Shell Eco Marathon competition is an international engineering competition, where teams from around the world design and build energy efficient vehicles. The goal of the competition is to travel the longest distance, using the least amount of energy. 

What can I get out of joining the team? 

Varied engineering skills and experience; gained through working hands on a REAL engineering problem. Joining our team gives students the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge whilst giving ample opportunity to learn even more. Enhance your career prospects - past members have used their experience at Sheffield Eco Motorsports to secure industrial placements, PhD's and graduate jobs. 

Team Role Descriptions

The Sheffield Eco Motorsports team consists of multi-disciplinary and engineering backgrounds. Our team consists of 4 sub teams working on several aspects of our electric vehicle: 

Electric Propulsion Team

Our electric propulsion team design, build and test a fully electric drive-train that will power our EV. From designing our own motor, the power electronics and inverter, battery management systems, 

Desirable skills and experience: Soldering, PCB design, knowledge of power electronics, electric drives, programming skills (C), machine design, battery and battery management systems. 

Controls team

Our controls team design, assemble, program and test the control systems for our EV. This includes the motor controller, sensors and communication infrastructure (RF). Eventually we would like to explore control strategies for minimising the energy consumption of our EV by optimising the torque/velocity profile.

Desirable skills and experience: C, Arduino, Python, PID control, I2C, programming microcontrollers (STM, TI), Raspberry Pi, MATLAB.

Manufacturing team

This team is in charge of the manufacturing of mechanical components for our EV. Designing the components, sourcing all appropriate materials and building the moulds for composites and manufacturing the final components - this team is in charge of bringing to life all our mechanical designs!

Desirable skills and experience: understanding of manufacturing and machining processes, good knowledge of engineering materials and composites, CAD skills, preferably SolidWorks.

Steering and mechanical propulsion team

This team is looking into design, outsourcing and manufacturing of all the drivetrain components including steering, wheels and gearing. This team will also focus on achieving the maximum efficiency of power transmission to ensure minimum energy consumption.

Desirable skills and experience: SolidWorks, understanding of the design of transmission systems.

Additional roles available

Safety Officer (Supplementary Role)

An essential role within our team, in charge of overseeing all engineering work from all teams to ensure safe practice by all members.  This roles entails instructing our team members, ensuring that the work that they do is not only safe but within the competition's rules and regulations.

This role requires a member with a good eye for detail, assertive - not afraid to say no to people with a  good understanding of a range  of engineering concepts. 

Marketing and Media Officer (Supplementary Role)

An additional role to be done alongside engineering responsibilities, we are looking for a candidate with a keen interest in social media promotion, good communication skills, graphic or web design knowledge with innovative and fresh ideas to get our team name out there! Our Marketing and Media Officer will have the opportunity to shape the brand of our team, while interacting with the wider public and potential sponsors.