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First Week Back

We have been back 1 week and already the new team have got to grips with the task in hand and are building on the progress of last year. This semester, our main goals are to make a mock up of the car out of MDF onto which we can mount components as we purchase or make them. A few final tweaks to design and we are going to start purchasing which is a scary leap!

We have decided that we are going to try and implement a control system that finds the optimum speed at any point on the track and converts it to a faster/slower indicator to the driver. We have also embarked upon a project to make a bespoke motor in house at the University of Sheffield!

We are having a few problems with finding space to complete our project and are desperately looking for storage space. In good news we have had helpful input from alumni! One based in America has given us a donation towards the project which we hope to spend on prepreg carbon fibre for our chassis. Another from EDF has offered us his technical expertise in control systems. We are very much looking forward to hear what he has to say about our designs.

Finally, in the spirit of team bonding, we decided to go for a meal and drink after the second meeting. Many thanks to the Cavendish for providing us £3 burgers and £2.50 mac and cheese with a spicy sauce that made even the Sri-Lankans on the team flinch. Although this was an engineering social, only one laptop was taken out and the night was a success! 

I can't wait for the rest of the year to see what the team are going to produce!

David Scott, Team Principal

SEM Social 10.10.2016

SEM Social 10.10.2016