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Prizes, Posters and some Perfect Performance

It turns out that we have some pretty clever cookies in our midst. In total we have taken four academic departmental prizes. Two from the team, Oliver Johnson and Ronak Sharma, picked up a Sir Harold West award for academic and personal promise in their first year. Eldar Rahimov picked up the Mechanical Engineers’ Prize for best examination performance by a second-year undergraduate in the department.

In other news our resident Technical Director, Janith Petangoda, has maintained his international merit scholarship for academic excellence, something that we can all vouch for on the team. He also travelled down to Cambridge to the Physics of Living Matter symposium to deliver a poster presentation on “The development of Electronic Analogues of Genetic Regulatory Networks”, a project he completed last summer.

Anybody who made the cut for the team is likely to be the crème de la crème of their department but it is nice that people outside the team are recognising this too! A big well done goes out to all!

David Scott, A Proud Team Principal