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Safety first!

As Team Leader of Ergonomics and Safety, I was excited to begin this new academic year as I was given the opportunity to recruit one more member for the team. The best part of Sheffield Eco Motorsports for me is that it is a very diverse multidisciplinary team with some great minds. It is a great way to apply what I’ve learnt in the classroom and helps to widen my understanding of the Mechanical Engineering course I pursue.

The Ergonomics and Safety team is responsible to ensure the overall safety of the car. Majority of the design work was completed last year as we worked closely with all sub teams to ensure that every aspect of safety was considered. We started this year off with a review of the work completed last year.  Several new rules have been included to the Official Rule Book of 2017 and it is our duty to ensure that all teams have been informed about the recent updates.

This week we will be looking at all the choices of equipment made last year and make any suitable changes based on the budget and level of safety required. We are currently faced with the problem of providing with a comfortable and safe sitting position for the driver. Hence we will also be working closely with the Chassis team to ensure that the dimensions of the car allow for a comfortable driving position.


Kevin Fernando - Team Leader of Ergonomics and Safety