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Musings of a confused Computer Scientist

Hello! My name is Ronak and I am pursuing Computer Systems Engineering (don’t confuse it with Computer Science). I came to know about the Sheffield Eco Motorsports a few weeks back and since then I had decided to join this exciting project. I joined this team because I have been looking for some real engineering project through which I could not only develop new skills but also contribute the skills I possess into some real engineering problem.  This competition also upholds an important social cause which is fuel efficiency to reduce the usage of non-renewable energy.

I was very excited and happy when I got the good news about my acceptance in the team

(“Congratulations!! You are now part of the SEM team”)

My experience so far has been very exciting and thrilling. I have met so many new people and have made many friends. The cohort has great minds from various Faculty of Engineering. Each member is very dedicated and thrives to achieve the best solution. The cohort is very friendly and easy to approach.

 I am part of the Electric and Control Systems Team. My first day in this team was quite daunting as I have never worked on an engineering project from scratch. But the team members made this experience very fun and engaging. I also gained some new technical skills.

 Now we have entered into the second week of this exciting project. I am specifically working on modelling and simulating the electric vehicle. I have already developed a basic model of the servo motor to be used and I am currently working on the gearbox for the vehicle. My goal for this week is to design a working model that simulates the behaviour of the combination of the motor and the gearbox.  We are also planning to incorporate the non-linear parameters in the model so that it is adapted to the realistic environment where parameters are constantly changing.

I am looking forward to the competition and making some new memories on the way. Best of Luck people!!!

 Ronak Sharma - Control Systems Team