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Becoming your own boss

One of the most exciting things about starting my second year of study was the chance to step up into my new leadership role as the head of the chassis team. Taking a bigger role in the eco motorsports team is a great way to get creative and use some of the theory I’ve learnt in lectures.

As the only remaining member of the chassis team, priority number one was to recruit new members, and I’m already impressed by the way the team have settled in and started producing some really high quality research into a range of things, from methods of joining carbon fibre to the best types of impact-absorbing materials for the safety of the car. We’re also running lots of simulations into every aspect of the forces our chassis is likely to be subjected to so that we know our designs will work in real life.

Unfortunately, we can’t get to work on the manufacturing just yet due to problems with the autoclave we are due to use for our carbon fibre panels. However this doesn’t mean we aren’t keeping busy! Our biggest problem at the moment is trying to create more space for the driver without compromising the safety and aerodynamic properties of the car, so there’s currently a lot of simulation going on with positioning our firewall in different places. We also hope to get into the workshop soon so that we can finally get our hands dirty building an MDF model of the car, which will be useful to get a feel for how everything will fit together.


Matthew R Andrews  - Team leader of Chassis