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Who We Are

We are the Sheffield University team competing in the Shell Eco Marathon, an international engineering competition hosted every year by Shell. The goal of the competition isn't which car crosses the finish line first - it's the car that completes the furthest distance using the least amount of energy! Our team competes in the prototype vehicle class; building and racing a battery electric vehicle. 

Our student team comprises of 22 engineering students from a range of engineering disciplines to cover all design aspects of our vehicle: Electronic and Electrical, Automatic Controls and Systems, Mechanical, Computer Science and Aerospace. 

Our goal is to build a car of the future with key focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. We hope that by competing in the Shell Eco Marathon, student team-members can gain valuable hands-on engineering experience on a real project.  Furthermore, our members get the opportunity to further develop other skills, such as presentation, communication, organisational and management. 

We run a recruitment at the start of each academic year, which consists of an online application form allowing prospective members the chance to showcase their engineering knowledge, expertise and passion for motor-sport and automotive engineering.

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The Sheffield Eco Motorsports Team (2017-2018)

The Sheffield Eco Motorsports Team (2017-2018)

The Whole Team

Executive Team Members

Ricardo Dominguez (Team Principal) - 3rd Year Mechatronics and Robotics Engineer

Eldar Rahimov (Senior Advisor) - PhD Mechanical Engineer

Dennis Premoli (Safety Officer) - 2nd Year BEng Materials Science and Engineering

Adisa (Mechanical Systems Technical Director) -

Sanka (Electrical and Control Technical Director) -

Electrical Propulsion Sub Team

Andrew  (Team Leader) -

Joel -

Julien -

Daniel -

Controls Sub Team

Yadav (Team Leader) -

Mohammad -

Rutwick -  

Fabrications and Materials Sub Team

Matt Andrews (Team Leader) - 3rd Year Mechanical Engineer

Ruwindu Petangoda - 2nd Year Aerospace Engineer

Jack Miszewski-Wall - 2nd Year MEng Mechanical Engineering

Matt Badger -4th Year MEng Mechanical Engineering

Steering and Mechanical Propulsion Sub Team

Vaidotas Vaičeliūnas (Team Leader) - 4th Year MEng Mechanical Engineer  (w/ Year in Industry)

Arnas Anciukevičius - 4th Year MEng Mechanical Engineer  (w/ Year in Industry)

Priyan Shah - 2nd Year BEng Mechanical Engineer

Aerodynamics and Chassis Sub Team

Adisa Wilson (Team Leader) - 2nd Year BSc Mechanical Engineer 

Gloria Lin - MSc Computer Science 

Development Sub Team

Tom Aveyard - 1st Year MEng General Engineer

Youssef Ghoneim - MEng General Engineer (w/ Year in Industry)